OD AdvantageOverDrive Advantage (OA) gives libraries that are members of a shared collection (LUV) the ability to offer titles exclusively for their patrons. OA libraries can purchase additional titles, or titles that are not available in the shared collection. These titles are only available to the patrons of the library that purchased them. The OA enrollment fee (payable to OA) is $250 USD. 100% of the enrollment fee is available to be used for content.

OA members who spend over $1000 in a calendar year are entitled to a $.05 discount on each checkout on their GMLC bill!

To learn more about the OA program check out this fact page:

 To sign up for OA:

  • Contact LUV Membership to let them know.
  • Fill out the OA form and fax or email the form back to them (info on form).
  • Let your patrons know!


In our rural state, many libraries are staffed by a single staff person, or by a very small staff. This can make it a challenge to accomplish large projects within a short time period, have an extended vacation, or take advantage of a professional development opportunity.

With this in mind, the Vermont Library Substitute Pool was created as a joint project with the Vermont Library Association and the Vermont Consortium of Academic Libraries.

Here’s how it works:

If you would like the opportunity to sub or temp at a library in your area, or are seeking freelance work or volunteer opportunities, simply fill out the Vermont Library Substitute Pool Form.This form populates a document, maintained by a joint VLA/VCAL/GMLC volunteer, with your interests and contact information. Your entry will be available for one year to libraries looking to fill a need.

We particularly encourage current library staff and volunteers interested in exploring work in other kinds of libraries to sign up for the sub pool. For example, if you are a school librarian interested in finding out what it might be like working with children or teens in a public library setting, the substitute pool could be an excellent opportunity for you.

We anticipate that there will be a mix of paid and unpaid opportunities available.

Libraries looking for a volunteer, project temp, or other such staffing need, will be able to request a single log in to access the data. To do so, please contact our Vermont Library Substitute Pool volunteer, Helen Linda, at celestihel[at]gmail.com with the name and email address of your library representative.

The VLA has also provided a space to list ongoing Volunteer Opportunities at libraries. If you are a library who has opportunities available, please consider posting them on the site Please contact the Vermont Library Association if you are interested in adding an ongoing volunteer opportunity.

GMLC gladly accepts both restricted and non-restricted money to keep our projects going.  Donations to the LUV project are accepted online through Network for Good, or can be made using this form.

If you wish to donate to another sponsored GMLC project please contact us directly.