Public, community and school K-12 libraries

LUV's rate is based upon each library's specific usage (based on the Overdrive Activity Report from September 1st of the previous year to August 31 of the current year) and the number of registered borrowers (which the library supplies in the annual agreement). The rate is the number of borrowers multiplied by $.28, added to the usage number multiplied by $.20.

$.28 X # registered borrowers + $.20 X # LUV check-outs from previous year.

Overdrive Advantage Libraries

OA libraries that spend at least $1000 on content per calendar year on content receive a discount on checkout prices and only pay $.15 per checkout versus $.20.

We encourage libraries to join this program which provides digital books for that libraries patrons.


Unfortunately, schools are no longer eligible to participate in LUV. Schools that joined in the past are "Grandfathered in." This is a decision of our vendor, Overdrive.

Additional fees

Libraries who are not current members of the GMLC, whether they are brand new member libraries or libraries returning to the Consortium, will be charged a new member fee. This new member fee is in addition to any new member or administrative fees charged by our vendors. This fee will also be based on the number of active borrowers, and the cost will increase each year in order to equalize the contributions made by long-time members. For 2018, this new member fee is 3 cents per active borrower, with a $100 minimum. There is a Start-up Fee for new members of $300 that covers the initial cost of setting up the synch for patrons to use their library cards to download digital materials.

GMLC Membership

The GMLC membership fee is $100. LUV subscribers must be GMLC members.

When is the membership period?

To be eligible for the full year of benefits, libraries must join by January 1 of the calendar year.

Can I join at any time and can the fees be prorated?

You can join at anytime, however the GMLC does not offer any pro-rating of fees for libraries who choose to join the consortium outside the January start of the membership year.

The GMLC does not, under any circumstances, offer a refund on a paid fee.