In attendance: Stephanie Chase, Judah Hamer, Lucinda Walker

1. The GMLC bank account has been transferred to Chittenden.

2. The Selection committee will have $3000 to purchase new MP3 audiobooks. 

3. Judah will look into the cost of printing GMLC Member ribbons for the VLA conference.

4. GMLC will need to purchase 2009 edition of Quickbooks.

5. Discussion about an increase of fees – have a structure that is based only on the media budget and not on entire materials budget.

6. Overdrive should be Macintosh compatible by 12/31/08

7. Discussion re: where to put Listen Up! Vermont statistics in the Vermont Public Library report.  Judah will call Tom Ladd in NH to see where they report Overdrive statistics.

8. Recorded Books (administered by OCLC) is just now beginning to make available for purchase downloadable content – they don’t have consortium pricing yet.  Stephanie is talking to Joe Levy about a quote. 

9. 501(c) (3) status – Stephanie will email the attorney to check on status of our application.