bannerThis project is made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, administered by the Vermont State Library.

The ListenUp!Vermont Collection Development Policy was developed in 206-17 by the GMLC Board and approved in May 2017. The policy can be found here.

In attendance: Stephanie Chase, Judah Hamer, Lucinda Walker

1. The GMLC bank account has been transferred to Chittenden.

2. The Selection committee will have $3000 to purchase new MP3 audiobooks. 

3. Judah will look into the cost of printing GMLC Member ribbons for the VLA conference.

4. GMLC will need to purchase 2009 edition of Quickbooks.

5. Discussion about an increase of fees – have a structure that is based only on the media budget and not on entire materials budget.

6. Overdrive should be Macintosh compatible by 12/31/08

7. Discussion re: where to put Listen Up! Vermont statistics in the Vermont Public Library report.  Judah will call Tom Ladd in NH to see where they report Overdrive statistics.

8. Recorded Books (administered by OCLC) is just now beginning to make available for purchase downloadable content – they don’t have consortium pricing yet.  Stephanie is talking to Joe Levy about a quote. 

9. 501(c) (3) status – Stephanie will email the attorney to check on status of our application.

In attendance:  Stephanie Chase, Judah Hamer, Lucinda Walker

1. Minutes of the 10/21/08 were approved.

2. We are close to 10,000 checkouts on Listen Up! Vermont.  We will celebrate by giving the Library with the 10,000th checkout an MP3 player.  Libraries will be asked to highlight Listen Up! Vermont and the 10,000th checkout in their local papers and library publications.

3. Listen Up! Vermont – Round three:  Directors will contact those libraries who have yet to send in their agreements. 

4. Recorded Books – Joe Levy has given GMLC a quote for their downloadable program – however it is unclear at this time if RB will allow schools to use this service.  No decision will be made until this issue is cleared up.

5. The next KOHA meeting is scheduled for Feb. 20th at 9 a.m. in Hinesburg.

GMLC Directors will next meet on  Thursday April 16th in Randolph.

Meeting held in Norwich, VT

In attendance – Stephanie Chase, Judah Hamer and Lucinda Walker

The meeting was called to order by Stephanie Chase at 1:00 PM

Secretary’s Report – The minutes of the April 10th meeting were unanimously accepted as written.

Treasurer’s Report – The budget was reviewed.  2008 revenue at this date is $53,280 with expenses totalling $51,865.

Listen Up! Vermont Updates – Round two will be announced later in June.  Twelve libraries have already said they will be signing up.  The current fee schedule was reviewed.  It was decided that the fee will be 3% of the participating library’s materials budget (up to $50,000) and 2.5% for those libraries whose materials budgets are greater than $50,000.  The fee will be capped at $5000.

The KOHA project is moving along.  Libraries interested in joining can now join at the new “Friend of KOHA”level ($250.)

While some libraries expressed an interest in adding EBSCO products to GMLC’s offerings, it was decided to put that project on hold for the time being.

A job description for the Listen Up! Vermont Coordinator was drafted.  Salary would be $50K – 60K.  The Board agreed to offer benefits and a wide variety of professional-related expanses.  This position will initially be grant funded.  In preparation for this, the Board will write a mission statement and long range plan.  They are meeting on July 23rd in Montpelier at the Grants Library to research appropriate granting opportunities.

Judah is researching accounting software and possible bookkeepers.

Meeting was adjourned at 3 PM