Administrative Features

  • Go to and log in using the email you received your initial email at (it should be whatever email you have on file for the GMLC, such as your director or your tech contact). You can add additional admin email addresses or change your password once you have logged in.
  • The most important tab in the admin panel for you will likely be the statistics tab, where you can see how many sessions patrons have accessed, how long (in minutes) they spend on the site, and what languages they are accessing.

  •  The Promote tab is also a fantastic resource — click there for logos, guides, sample ads for your paper, sample blog posts and tweets, materials in foreign languages, and more.

Promoting Mango

  • Be sure your library shows up on the Mango Libraries search page. If you have successfully logged in from both the patron and administrative sides and your library shows you don’t have Mango on this list, visit and submit a Support Inquiry.

  • Look at all of the promotional materials available in the “Promote” section of your administrative portal, mentioned above. Have you put an ad or article in your paper? Do you have a prominent logo on your web site home page or database listings? Have you done a blog post, put the info on Facebook, or tweeted about it (Mango has their own Twitter account at @mangolanguages)?