GMLC Board Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2019

In attendance: Wendy Hysko, Richard Pritsky, Lisa Von Kann, Kim Peine, Chris Kirby, Mara Siegel, Owen McDermott, Cindy Weber.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Question on whether or not South Hero library, now named the Worthen Library, has received a bill for joining VOKAL. Lisa will check on this.
  • Lisa said that our accountant did not charge for his services this year. We might have him meet us online at our October 11th meeting to discuss the costs involved with filing the long version of the 990.
2020 Budget Discussion
  • $212,134 projected income
  • Lisa will verify Diane’s annual rate for budgeting purposes.
  • Discussion on what EZ Proxy Hosting costs and Proxy Hosting costs are and which are associated with OCLC and Bywater. Lisa will check.
  • Discussion on Content costs coming from Program Income.
  • What is the formula for the Overdrive maintenance costs? Lisa will ask Kristen.
  • Startup fee should come from membership income. Lisa will have Diane separate this out as its own line item.
  • Discussion about rack cards. Cost prohibitive to have the card customized.  Chris will ask Kristen about getting an electronic version that could be modified.
  • Remove courier expense line from budget.
  • Increase VOKAL support.
  • Keep VOKAL Education for developments and conference.
  • Surplus used for development.
  • Where does Novelist appear on the budget? Should be a separate line.
  • Change VOKAL Education to Education and Training.
  • Content expense 60% audio and 40% ebook.
  • Discussion on requesting funding from the state. The state’s fiscal year ends at the end of September.
  • $1000 from the Vermont Community Foundation – Nancy Tusinski is advising Hannah on the spending of these funds.
  • Post 10 year statistics on website.
Next Meeting: August 9th.