Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2017


Wendy Hysko, Chris Kirby, Kim Peine, Richard Pritsky, Lisa von Kann

Next meeting:

April 7, 2-4 pm

  1. Announcements

Owen is out on leave until June. Kim will be filling in as temporary Treasurer.

  1. Discussion
  • Treasurer Report:
    • Budget is in good shape, it is at 79% which matches with being 75% thru the budget cycle.
    • VLD line item is showing a negative because unrestricted funds were not yet moved. Need to move unrestricted funds into this bucket. Kim will direct Diane.
    • Board agreed to allocate 20K from GMLC unrestricted funds to LUV purchasing. Kim will direct Diane to move the funds.

  • Delivery System:
    • No changes.

  • LUV:
    • Board met in January and distributed bookmarks to all LUV libraries.
    • The Board has determined that to keep up with OD demands that a price increase may need to occur. The current rate is .10 a check out and this may need to go to .20 a checkout. Board will meet in March to discuss further.
    • Board will evaluate Advantage libraries impact on holds.
    • Board will evaluate Bibliotecha (3M) product to see if it is worth pursuing as a replacement to OD.
    • Current recommendations for purchase that patrons can make are set at 2 every 60 days. Due to the backlog of requests we will leave this as is for now.
    • Due to the number of holds we will move 20K to OD for purchasing.
    • Kim will set up an email for Christian to use to correspond with patrons on holds.
    • Christian is working his way through the holds that are on items no longer owned and contacting patrons about not being able to fulfill the hold, or he is purchasing if it is warranted.

  • Annual Meeting:
    Under consideration is to hold the GMLC Annual Meeting via GoToMeeting in May versus at conference since this year it is a smaller unconference.