December 9, 2016


Wendy Hysko, Chris Kirby, Kim Peine, Richard Pritsky, Lisa von Kann,

Next meeting:

February 10, 2-4 pm
  1. Announcements

Owen is out on leave.

  1. Discussion
  • Treasurer Report:
    • No report as Owen is out. No issues to report.

  • Delivery System:
    • Renewals for next 6 months of service are with libraries for signatures.
    • Warehouse fees were paid by VTLib.
    • Remaining bags will be used for LUV project which will zero out bag inventory.

  • LUV:
    • Collection Development Policy draft finalized and is ready for review.
    • Statistics show that fiction is circulating at 128K and non-fiction at 28K and that adjusting purchasing down for non-fiction might be a good idea so that resources can be spent on fiction.
    • Budget change suggestion for Collection Development:

      Adult: 30%
      Youth: 20%
      Non-Fiction: 10%
      Extra Copies: 30%
      Patron Request: 10%

      40% Audio / 60% eBook

    • Bookmarks from Overdrive will be sent to Brownell. The Board will meet at Brownell on 1/10 @ 10:30 to send them out to libraries.
    • Christian is working on the holds queue.

  • Bylaws:
    Public meeting law changed. Time to review bylaws to ensure compliance. Last updated in 2010. Review for February meeting.