Wendy Hysko, Chris Kirby, Owen McDermott, Kim Peine, Lisa von Kann, Cindy Weber, Richard Pritsky

Next meeting:

May 8, 2pm via GTM
  1. Announcements

GMLC welcomes Richard Pritsky and Cindy Weber to the board.

  1. Discussion
  • Budget:
    On track. Majority of GMLC billing is nearly complete. Waiting for 6 libraries to complete their agreements. 22 libraries are using Mango. There are 116 LUV libraries.

    The necessary changes were made with People’s on signatories. Owen still needs to be set up with online banking. Kim will check on the possibility of a debit card for GMLC.

  • LUV:
    Remaining VTDOL donation will be spent within given timeframe (end of April). Report to the state will be due at the end of May.

  • Workman’s Comp Insurance
    Cindy and Wendy provided examples of liability release forms. Lisa will use these to create a GMLC liability release form. This was requested from a member library.
  • Annual Meeting:
    Kim verified with VLA that there will be a time and space for GMLC to have the annual meeting this year. Last year’s annual report will be sent out by Lisa to the board to be updated.
  • GMLC Meeting (in person):
    The board will be holding a meeting with a luncheon following on April10th with members that have been integral to GMLC projects to discuss plans, issues, etc. Invitations were sent and 10 of 16 responses have been received. The meeting will start at 10am at the Humanities Council.
  • GMLC Survey
    Margaret (Charlotte) will be sending out a survey regarding what other services GMLC members would like to have available. Possible services are Hoopla, Zinio and, Freegal & Freading. Biblioboard was reviewed by the board but it was not found to be a good fit.

  • Web Site Development:
    A free web hosting account was procured (Dreamhost) and the domain name was moved to this site. The new website is well on its way to be completed.