Wendy Hysko, Chris Kirby, Owen McDermott, Kim Peine, Lisa von Kann, Lucinda Walker

Next meeting:

March 13, 2015 2pm via GTM
  1. Announcements

GMLC is pleased to announce the following changes to the Board of Directors:

Wendy Hysko, President, Brownell Library (President term expires 2016, Board term expires 2016)          
Owen McDermott, Treasurer, Milton HS Media Center (Treasurer term expires 2016, Board term expires 2018)

Kim Peine, Secretary, Dorothy Alling Library (Secretary term expires 2016, Board term expires 2016)
Chris Kirby, Ilsley Library (term expires 2016)

Cindy Weber, Stowe Free Library (term expires 2018)

Richard Pritsky, Carpenter-Carse Library (term expires 2018)

It is with regret that we announce Lucinda Walker’s retirement from the board effective January 09. 2015. Lucinda has been a board member for many years and we will miss her energy, enthusiasm for Vermont libraries and vast institutional knowledge

Signatory functions will be transferred from Lucinda to (first) Owen McDermott and (secondary) Kim Peine. Lucinda will submit change request. We will look into going digital for payments.


  1. Discussion

Board will discuss a resolution on the disposition of carry over monies at next meeting. Carry over funds, unless a resolution is made, can be used for any purpose.