Wendy Hysko, Chris Kirby, Owen McDermott, Kim Peine, Lisa von Kann, Lucinda Walker

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Friday, September 12, 2pm via GTM
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  1. Reports
  • VOKAL:
    Tom McMurdo joined a recent VOKAL Implementation meeting and discussed merging Catamount and VOKAL. The VOKAL team asked about any benefits relating to a merger and found none at this time. The groups committed to working together more in the like areas such as training and cataloging for the time being.
  • LUV:
    Chris created a check list for enrolling Overdrive Advantage users. The billing for Advantage is now accurate.
    We need more contact with the selectors to provide direction. We have more money to spend on content.
  • Budget:
    Mango admin fees are $20.00 per library.
    Overdrive startup fees should be $0
    VOKAL friends are only Lebannon and Goddard.
    Remove VOKAL Other line item
    GMLC Admin – What expenses are included? Perhaps footnotes as to what this line includes would be helpful.
    Mango should be separate from LUV
  • Other:
    Digital Presence: GMLC website needs to be revamped. Lisa has a possible person to do this. Lisa, Kim & Owen.
    Replacement LUV coordinator needed – send to google group.
    Overdrive Kids e-Reading room requires spending a large amount each year. How much do we spend on kids items now?