Wendy Hysko, Chris Kirby, Owen McDermott, Kim Peine, Lisa von Kann

Next meeting:

March 14, 2014 2pm via GTM
  1. Announcements

Minutes approved for 11/28/13 meeting.

  1. Discussion
  • Budget:
    On track with current budget. Mango billing to go out in February. Diane will verify VOKAL numbers to support future developments and training for Koha.

  • Overdrive (LUV):
    Tech support option from Overdrive is approximately 6k a year and does not provide the user support that is needed. They basically only point the patron to documentation on their website and it is an email only system. We will look for other options to assist with patron support.

    Lyndsey has resigned as LUV coordinator. A replacement search is underway.

LUV Selection Policy:
Sample policy on Google Docs for review by board at next meeting.

  • GMLC Billing:
    We have had some instances where libraries have changed their email addresses and so they have not received correspondence from GMLC on billing. Lisa has Marty’s approval to send out a VALS email to the public and school libraries asking them to get in touch with GMLC if they use any of the services and have not been in email contact. Lisa will provide email message, Kim will send.

  • Management of GMLC Blog:
    Blog needs to be updated or changed to a website from Wordpress. Will seek out volunteers. Need to create a better method to communicate to members and have them reach out to each other. Initial though is to create a google group for members similar to the VOKAL groups.
  • Election of Board Officers:
    Wendy Hysko will remain as president. Chris Kirby will be Vice President. Lucinda Walker will be stepping down as Treasurer next year. Owen McDermott has offered to step in as Treasurer. He will take this year to learn the duties from Lucinda.
  • Evaluation of Mango Service:
    The question arose as to how much having a consortium price on Mango is saving our members. The backend billing, etc. is time consuming and if there is not a savings it doesn’t make sense to have it as a GMLC offering. Lisa will talk to our rep at Mango to determine the benefit and report back to the board. GMLC currently charges a $10 a year maintenance fee which does not fully cover the expense.
  • Review of Executive Director Position:
    Lisa will extend her contract until 7/1/14. The board will hold an executive session to review the position and the structure of GMLC to determine if an ED position is what is needed. The duties of the ED will also be reviewed to see if some items need to be redirected or if hours need to be added.