Present: Stephanie Chase, Judah Hamer, Lucinda Walker

The meeting was called to order at 1:35PM

I. Minutes from the January 9, 2009 meeting were approved.

II. Treasurer’s Report

GMLC accountant will be working on a “stub return” and GMLC’s 990 tax return for FY09.  The Consortium’s finances are healthy.

III.  The annual meeting will be held on Wednesday May 13th at noon at the Vermont Library Conference. Bring a bag lunch.

IV. The bylaws will be reviewed before the annual meeting.

V. Vermont Library Conference Program – Each Director will be responsible for a 10 minute presentation.  Judah will discuss consortium building, Stephanie will discuss support and Lucinda will discuss GMLC’s projects.

VI. Recorded Books Project – Stephanie will contact Joe Levy about negotiating a short-term subscription with Recorded Books.

VII. vokal Project Update – Richard Pritsky attended a Koha conference in Plano, TX in March.  He reported that it was a great experience and that next year two people should attend.  There were some companies in attendance who only offer Koha support – Richard thought it might be worthwhile talking to them. He also suggested that vokal join KUDOS (the U.S. Koha users group).

VIII. Listen Up! Vermont Project update:  A LUV member complained that her patrons were having to wait for titles to become available.  Stephanie will ask the selection committee to examine the holds ratio report on a regular basis.  OverDrive sets the one-week checkout.  If LUV members wish, they can write OverDrive to complain, however, patrons may need to be reminded that downloadable audio is still very much based on the traditional library model…sometimes a patron has to wait until an item is available.

New posters and bookmarks are now available.  Each library may have 200 bookmarks.  They have arrived and are ready to be picked up.

Round 4 to join LUV will be in July.  From this point on libraries may only sign up for LUV in January.  Libraries wishing to sign up will need to pay$400 in administrative fees plus 3% of their total materials budget..

IX. Part-time Development Coordinator – GMLC is looking for a part-time person to research and write at least 2 major grants (200K – 250K over 2 years).  The stipend will be $5,000.  We would like grants to be written by August 2009.

X. GMLC Blog – Stephanie will continue to be our primary blogger.

Next meeting – Wednesday May 12 @ Noon – Sheraton Hotel.

The meeting was at 3:30 PM.