Attending: Stephanie Chase, Judah Hamer, Lucinda Walker, Mary Danko and Chris Kirby

Meeting called to order at 10:05 a.m.

1. The February 9, 2010 minutes were reviewed and approved.

2. Judah reported on GMLC’s finances.  75 invoices were sent to LUV members last week.  They equal $19,000 in outstanding invoice fees.  Judah suggested that GMLC hire a part-time bookkeeper.  The time it is taking to keep track of invoices and checks has increased dramatically in the past two years. Judah will write a job description and the search will open after that.

3. Mary Danko, Director of the Hartland Public Library and Chris Kirby, Adult Services Librarian at Ilsley Public Library will be nominated for the GMLC Board at the Annual Meeting in May.  Chris currently does all the tech work for LUV and Recorded Books.

4. The Board discussed amending the GMLC bylaws.  A number of motions will be presented at the Annual Meeting including increasing the number of Board members to 7 and creating a withdrawal policy.  The Board will have a revised fee structure in place by the Annual Meeting.

5. Committees – The Selection Committee will be re-designed and people will be invited to apply to participate.  We also want to organize two new committees – Training and Development.  The Training Committee would be responsible for scheduling the online trainings.  The Development Committee would be responsible for finding (and applying) for grants.

6. Annual Meeting – the GMLC members are invited to have lunch during the May 25th VLC.  We will meet in the St. Michael’s cafeteria.  The major topic of discussion will be how to sustain GMLC as we continue to grow and take on more projects.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:10p.m.