Vermont Library Conference – St. Michael’s College

Meeting convened at 1:10 PM

1. Mary Danko, GMLC President, welcomed everyone and introduced the board and the volunteers.

2. The GMLC hired a bookkeeper this spring and she’s been updating the financials.

3.  GMLC finances continue to be a challenge.  Mary stressed that a 3-year commitment to GMLC aids in future planning and purchasing.  Invoices will be sent in August/September.

4. Virgil Fuller reported on  ListenUp! Vermont.  LUV added ebooks in late 2010 and they’ve proven to be very popular.

5. Wendy Hisko reported on the VOKAL project.  There should be 20 libraries on VOKAL by the end of the summer.

6. Chris Kirby discussed moving the current proxy server from Middlebury College to ByWater.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 PM