In attendance via Go to Meeting:  Mary Danko, Wendy Hysko, Chris Kirby, Rebekka Mateyk, Joshua Muse & Lucinda Walker

The meeting was called to order at 11:10 a.m.

1. Overdrive Advantage – It has come to Mary’s attention that four GMLC member libraries are participating in this program.  Overdrive Advantage give libraries the ability to purchase e-books for their own collections. The cost to join is  $1000,(a $500 fee to Overdrive, $500 for content credit.)   These e-books are owned by the libraries and can not be transferred to the  Consortium.  At this time, GMLC does not have a policy about participating in Overdrive Advantage.  Most consortia do not allow member libraries to participate in Overdrive Advantage because it dilutes the consortium’s resources.  One consortium does allow participation but libraries must purchase an e-book for the consortium’s collection for every e-book they add to their own collection.

More information is needed before a policy can be developed.  Chris Kirby will contact the four libraries that are in Overdrive Advantage to get a sense from them about their expectations.  Our account executives at Overdrive (Heather and Mike) will be asked to not enroll new GMLC members until a policy can be developed.

There was discussion about the amount of holds on e-books. It was decided that the holds ratio will be lowered to 7 to 1 (for e-books only).  Judy Russell (our new LUV coordinator) will be alerted to this new ratio.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 PM