Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2013


Wendy Hysko, Chris Kirby, Owen McDermott, Kim Peine, Lucinda Walker

Next meeting:

November 8, 2013, 2pm via GTM

  1. Announcements

Chris will be the Board member in charge of Overdrive. Owen was chosen as the Marketing advisor for Overdrive.

  1. Discussion
  • New Initiatives:
    Zinio: Slightly better pricing obtained. Kim will talk with Joe Levy to see if there are any additional options and report back.

    Lynda: This is an online training product focused on technology. They are interested in presenting the product to us to evaluate. The Board will review the product. Lisa will provide pricing.

    Hoopla: This service offers online borrowing of digital video, music and audiobooks. It is aimed at a library audience. We will look into this product and see if there is any interest.

  • Budget:
    VHC Grant of $1500 was awarded to LUV for ebooks was added for ebook income. VHC grant be administered by Lyndsey and Owen. Will also need to provide circulation statistics. Lisa will talk to Margaret (Charlotte) about helping. Per the grant certain conditions on purchasing and advertising must be met.

    VTLib Grant was awarded to LUV for $10,000. The Board is very happy to receive this unexpected grant. Line item added to budget.

    Board agreed to increase the Administrative line item for GMLC from $450 to $600.

  • Overdrive:
    A development collection policy is needed for Overdrive. The Board will look at possible options and discuss at the next meeting.

    The Board believes that additional marketing and information about Overdrive would enhance the service and answer questions. A project manager would be very helpful. Owen would be a natural fit for this position.

    Ilse La Motte is interested in becoming a GMLC/Overdrive member but does not provide information to the state, which is how we get a patron count for billing. The Board agreed to allow them on the system with a verbal count of patrons.

  • VOKAL/VTLib Collabortation:
    VOKAL along with the Cataloging chair, Deb Roderer, met with Tomm McMurdo of VTLib to discuss how to collaborate to make the Catamount and VOKAL catalogs as accurate as possible. It was agreed that Debbie and Tom will work together to develop training options for the state with some emphasis on Koha, but also other, more general cataloging. We will continue to work together and meet in the future to discuss what else we can do together.