Meeting Minutes

June 26, 2013


Wendy Hysko, Chris Kirby, Kim Peine, Lisa von Kann, Lucinda Walker

Next meeting:

September 13, 2013, 2pm via GTM

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  1. Discussion
  • Budget:
    Review income and expenses. Intuit software was upgraded to provide access to granular reporting features. End of fiscal year report shows that as of July 1 the budget will show amount of money for each area and how it was spent out. Budget in green at this time.

    Budget Changes: Grant money set to $0 (not anticipating VTLib grant), Donation line at 2k, Overdrive and Overdrive startups at $0, 70k as income from library membership fees. VOKAL Friends line reduced to $500 (most friends are now full members) and VOKAL Members to 25k. Add training/professional development line item for VOKAL.

    GMLC Fee Structure: Verbiage was in letter sent to member libraries. Fee depends on when the library signed the contract. If the 3 year contract ends this calendar year then the new fee structure goes into effect for those libraries.

  • LUV:
    Overdrive/Mango Authentication – Currently using ezproxy that is hosted by Bywater which uses a range method. SIP would be a good option for authentication but not all libraries have ILS with SIP interfaces. Koha does work with SIP. More services are requiring methods such as SIP for authentication.

    Name Change: Discussed whether to change the name ListenUp! Vermont (LUV) to something that is inclusive of audio and ebooks or left as LUV. Agreed to leave the name as is for now and revisit at a later date.

  • VOKAL:
    Brooks library is live as the first Catamount library. VOKAL has closed registration and is no longer accepting libraries. There has been a waitlist created that is available from the public VOKAL site where libraries can sign up. VOKAL is recommending they contact Catamount.
  • New Initiatives:
    Zinio is being reviewed as a possible addition to offerings from GMLC. Lara Keenan is working to negotiate better pricing. Zinio provides downloadable magazines.

    Overdrive has a recommendation feature that would allow patrons to recommend items they would like to have added to the collection. There will need to be a selection committee. Lyndsey will look into and perhaps Owen will be able to assist. Once there is more information a decision will be made on using this feature.

  • Taxes:
    A tax preparer will need to be hired