Fellow librarians! Have you visited the OverDrive Marketplace? So much information is waiting for you to explore! Manage holds, return titles and reset downloads. Learn about OverDrive, get marketing materials or contact support.

Getting Statistics

  1. Login to Content Reserve
  2. Click on "Reports"
  3. Go to "Circulation Activity"
  4. To choose report options (such as sate range) click on "Run new report"
  5. Use "Create Worksheet" to open data in a spreadsheet

Resetting Downloads

  1. Login to Content Reserve
  2. Go to "Support" tab
  3. Search checkouts for the title
  4. Click on Details (far right of title)
  5. Scroll down to "Reset user's download ink"

View/Remove Holds on a title

  1. Login to Content Reserve
  2. Go to "Support" tab
  3. Uder End-user support choose "Manage holds"
  4. Click on the pencil in the Edit field

 DRM (Digital Rights Management) Issues

The support questions we receive for Listen Up! Vermont, powered by OverDrive, almost always fall into the category of problems related to Digital Rights Management, or DRM. You can help your patrons be successful in resolving their issue by suggesting they try these three steps first:

  1. Talk to your patron. Are they trying to download a format that works on their computer? A format that will work on their player? WMA and mp3 formatted titles will work on an iPod if transferred through a PC. Mac users can only access mp3 formatted titles. Users with iPod Touches and iPhones and Andriod phones using the OverDrive Media Console app need to first find an item to download in the browser on their phone, and the item must be in mp3 format (it will download directly to the device when using the app, light years easier than downloading to your computer and transferring).
  2. Open up the OverDrive Media Console and click on the Tools menu. Choose “Windows Media Player Security Upgrade.” This will automatically open Windows Media Player and update the DRM permissions; more often than not, this will solve the issue. Sometimes, the upgrade needs to be initiated manually; go to (in Internet Explorer only):
  3. Still not working? We all know Windows can be a little cranky. OverDrive then recommends resetting the DRM folder:

    1. Open the ‘Control Panel’.
    2. Open ‘Folder Options’ and select the ‘View’ tab.
    3. Select ‘Show hidden files and folders’.
    4. Uncheck ‘Hide protected operating system files’.
    5. In the warning message you receive, click ‘Yes’.
    6. Click ‘OK’.
    7. Close the Control Panel
    8. Rename the DRM folder to DRM.old.
    (You can find the folder most often under C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\ DRM)
    9. Close this window and open OverDrive Media Console.
    10. Go to “Tools > Windows Media Player Security Upgrade” (as above).