FAQs - Delivery Service

Every item needs to be in a bag inside the bin. You can put items going to the same library in the same bag if they fit. If you wish to put AV materials in a box you can as long as the box is then put in a bag. All items must be in a bag!
To order bags go to the VTLib site here: http://libraries.vermont.gov/node/4522

Each bag must have a mailing label in the vinyl pocket on the bag that specifies where the item is to go. GMM will look at this to determine which bin to put the item into. Mailing labels can be found on the Delivery Schedule under Mailing Label. It is suggested that the mailing library include some of their labels for the borrowing library to use.

Each bin needs to have a vinyl envelope on it with an insert that has the library name and town name facing out. These inserts can be laminated if you wish. If you need to print more inserts you will find them on the GMLC.org Delivery service page under Delivery Schedule in the column Bin Label.

The bins should always have the library name facing out.


The delivery service schedule is available on the GMLC.ORG website. Keep in mind that delivery at best will be the next day. For example, if Library A sends a package on Monday and Library B only has a stop on Monday they will not receive it until the next scheduled Monday stop at Library B. Packages will be picked up, sorted at the vendor facility and sent to the library on their next scheduled stop day.

A few libraries will be sharing a delivery stop during the pilot. Items to these libraries must be addressed on the bag to the stop that the library is sharing. These libraries and stops are specified on the schedule. If an item is going to a sharing library we suggest a yellow highlight slash through the mailing label and an attached note on the item(s) inside stating where they need to go.

The bin should weigh no more than 50lbs when loaded.

We first suggest posting a message to the GMLC google group asking if anyone can send you more bags. If no one has any they are able to send more can be ordered from VTLIB here:  http://libraries.vermont.gov/node/4522

How much a bin will hold is variable based on the size of items being placed in the bin and the number of bags. We estimate it will fit around 28 items in medium bags, but again, it depends on the sizes of the items and bags being used so your mileage may vary! Please do not load the bins to more than 50lbs!

Picture of inside of bin with a welcome kit selection of bags.


VTLib requires libraries to provide information that they need to feed back to the government for grant purposes. It is imperative that they have this information as requested. It might be helpful to have a form ready to capture the needed information before the kick off date! Information and forms can be found here.

The annual cost for the delivery service will be (assuming a maximum of 2 bins in and 2 bins out per stop):

1 weekly stop - $780 (adjusted with VTLIB funding is $390)
2 weekly stops - $1, 560 (adjusted cost with VTLIB funding is $1,170)
3 weekly stops - $2,340 (adjusted cost with VTLIB funding is $1,950)
4 weekly stops - $3,120 (adjusted cost with VTLIB funding is $2,730)
5 weekly stops - $3,900 (adjusted cost with VTLIB funding is $3,510)

Additional bins are billed at $5 each 1 bin. There is not an additional state discount for extra bins.

Funding is made possible through the federal LSTA (Library Services & Technology Act) program from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).


Billing will be between the courier service and the library. Billing will occur at the first of each month. To set up an account with Green Mountain Messenger your library must fill out and fax in this form. The fax number is on the form.

It is up to each library to determine the number of stops they would like a week. Stops will only occur on weekdays so a library can sign up for 1-5 stops a week. Each stop will cost $15 and entitle the library to send out 2 bins and receive 2 bins. Extra bins sent or received will be an additional $5 each.

This will vary depending on a number of factors. As all libraries will not be part of the delivery system some items will still be sent/received via the postal service. Additionally, delivery will depend on the sending library's stop day(s) and the receiving library's stop day(s). The more stops and the more libraries signed up the better the service will work!

The bags will come in 3 sizes. The largest size is 14 X 18, mid size is 11 X 14 and the smallest size is 10 X 12. Bags will be branded with delivery service wording and will be the only packaging that is to be used for sending items.


If you are scheduled for a pick up and your library will be closed on that day it is up to you to call GMM at 862-7662 and make other arrangements as far in advance as you can.

In the event of an issue with a delivery GMM should be called directly at 862-7662. If there is an ongoing issue please contact GMM using the "Get in Touch" section of the GMLC.org website, select Delivery Service.

You are welcome to send whatever items you wish in the bins. Keep in mind that if this is offered as a service more bins or stops may be required.

The project was born out of a growing need to save money on inter-library loan costs, provide better service to library patrons and reduce the labor associated with packaging and mailing items.

The Green Mountain Library Consortium (GMLC) is pleased to open to new members the statewide cooperative delivery service of interlibrary loan materials, with service beginning in mid-November. In order to express interest in joining the service, please fill out the form below no later than November 10, 2017. This is a limited time open enrollment period. Enrollment will be closed after November 10, 2017.


Delivery will be made possible via a contract with a third-party commercial courier service, Green Mountain Messenger (GMM). Acceptance into the delivery service is contingent on GMM offering service to your library’s address, or at an agreed upon alternate location. (If you are already participating in the delivery service, this invitation does NOT apply to you: you are all set through December 2017.)

New members to the delivery program will be enrolled in the courier service through the calendar year.

In 2018, we anticipate that the courier service will continue under the leadership of the Vermont Department of Libraries. At this time, service is open only to public libraries in Vermont.

How will this work?

We contract with Green Mountain Messenger (GMM), which provides delivery service to most Vermont locations. Fill out the linked form above to apply. We will notify you as soon as GMM confirms that service is available to your location.

In most cases, deliveries will be made directly to libraries. Each delivery stop is priced at $15.00 for up to 2 bins of ILL materials. Libraries will have the option to have more (in addition to the first 2 bins) per pick-up at their site at a cost of $5.00 per bin. Libraries can sign up for up to 5 stops each week (@$15.00 per stop). The more frequent the delivery, the faster the service to patrons. Libraries will be billed monthly for the service by GMM. Prompt payment of invoices is essential for uninterrupted service.  GMM will work with libraries to schedule stops during the library’s open hours – delivery times are often dependent on other business in the area. Delivery will only be scheduled for weekdays.

To encourage participation, VTLib has committed to continuing to offer funding for the courier service by paying half the cost of one stop per week ($7.50/week) for new libraries signing on, and all participating libraries that have already enrolled in 2017. Libraries will fill out paperwork to receive this delivery stipend directly through VTLib.

GMM transports ILL materials picked up each day to its warehouse for sorting and then delivers items to the receiving libraries at their next scheduled stop.

What are the benefits?

Better service for your library patrons!

By eliminating per item mailing costs, libraries can more freely market ILL service to their patrons, giving them more cost-effective access to the millions of titles available for loan from Vermont libraries. You will also be able to predict the arrival of materials with regularly scheduled deliveries.

Saving time and money!

With set fees for delivery, libraries no longer pay per-item delivery costs, and will save in staff time and packaging materials. Zipper cloth bags mean that you will no longer have to wrestle with tape, staples, and postage.


Most libraries will have on-site delivery and pick-up.

VTLib will provide “starter kits” for up to 19 libraries signing up during this enrollment period. The “kit” will include 3 tote bins and a small selection of delivery zipper bags. These materials will be required for all participating libraries.

Membership in GMLC is not required for delivery system participation.  For more information, please contact GMLC at http://gmlc.org/index.php/get-in-touch

At this time there are not, as this is a pilot program, the price break is an equal division per library stop. This may change once the service is moved over to VTLib.

There are no changes to the ILL system occurring with the delivery system, Home/One Card still work the same.

At this time the VOKAL system will not be changing. We do hope to enable patron placed holds across the system at some point in the future. When this is on the table to happen it will be discussed at a quarterly meeting.

If an expected item has not arrived and the sending library has definitely sent it out please first email the delivery list to ensure that it did not make its way to an alternate library. Vermont Interlibrary Loan Handbook rules apply for lost or damaged items.

The handbook states:

As a borrowing library, you are responsible for any damages or losses from the time the borrowed material leaves the lender until it is returned and received by the lender.

Yes, libraries are encouraged to place AV items in boxes and then in bags, or in padded envelopes inside the bags to prevent damage.

Each bin exterior is 27.9 X 20.6 X 15.25". The interior of each bin is 26 X 19 X 14". Bins are 4 cubic feet. All bins and bags MUST be purchased from VTLib. These will be the only totes/bags accepted by the courier. Bins, when loaded, can not weigh more than 50lbs.

IMG 2539


As federal money is being used to help fund the project donations cannot be solicited for ILLs.

Bins need to be standard size for stacking for delivery and warehouse storage.
Because of the 2 bin maximum included in the per stop cost, GMLC went with a larger bin so more materials could be moved within that parameter and limit the cost to participating libraries.
These are the only bins that are to be used for the delivery service.

Yes, as long as the items fit in the bin, are in a secure package and very clearly labeled they can be sent in the bin.

Please keep in mind that there is a 2 bin maximum per stop that is included in the per stop cost, and libraries are charged $5 extra for additional incoming or outgoing bins, so please check with the library that you might be sending to about what their delivery volume is and if it's possible that sending larger materials might incur additional costs.

In the event of high fuel prices the delivery costs will be adjusted accordingly. Please see the attached Fuel Surcharge Schedule.