What is the purpose of the project?
The project was born out of a growing need to save money on inter-library loan costs, provide better service to library patrons and reduce the labor associated with packaging and mailing items.

Who is the service open to?
For the pilot, the service is open to the first 100 Vermont public libraries and state colleges that respond by December 1st, 2015 via the interest form. GMLC membership is not required to join the program, although GMLC members will get a welcome kit subsidized by GMLC.

Why sign up for the pilot?
The first 100 libraries will receive a half stop subsidy from VTLIB who anticipates continuing the service after the 6 month pilot. Only the first 100 libraries that sign up with GMLC will be eligible for the additional 6 month subsidy with the continued statewide delivery service overseen by VTLIB.

When will the pilot begin?
We anticipate that service will begin on or around the week of January 18, 2016.

What is the deadline for completing the interest form?
The interest form needs to be submitted no later than Tuesday, December 1st, 2015.

When will an official contract be sent out?
Contracts will be sent to each library in early December and will need to be signed no later than December 31, 2015. Sorry, no exceptions as we need to get this information to the vendor.

What is the length of the contract?
The contract is for a 6 month period. After the 6 month pilot is completed we anticipate a new contract, run by VTLIB, will begin. Libraries in the initial 6 month pilot will have first right to join the second phase and still receive federal funding for 1/2 a stop a week for another 6 months. Libraries joining after the initial 6 month period are not eligible for the adjusted funding.

What is the cost for the service?
The annual cost for the delivery service will be (assuming a maximum of 2 bins in and 2 bins out per stop):

1 weekly stop - $780 (adjusted with VTLIB funding is $390)
2 weekly stops - $1, 560 (adjusted cost with VTLIB funding is $1,170)
3 weekly stops - $2,340 (adjusted cost with VTLIB funding is $1,950)
4 weekly stops - $3,120 (adjusted cost with VTLIB funding is $2,730)
5 weekly stops - $3,900 (adjusted cost with VTLIB funding is $3,510)

Additional bins are billed at $5 each 1 bin. There is not an additional state discount for extra bins.

Funding is made possible through the federal LSTA (Library Services & Technology Act) program from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

How will I be billed for the service?
Billing will be between the courier service and the library. We anticipate it will be monthly.

How many times will the courier service stop at my location?
It is up to each library to determine the number of stops they would like a week. Stops will only occur on weekdays so a library can sign up for 1-5 stops a week. Each stop will cost $15 and entitle the library to send out 2 bins and receive 2 bins. Extra bins sent or received will be an additional $5 each.

How long will it take for a package to arrive at my location?
This will vary depending on a number of factors. As all libraries will not be part of the delivery system some items will still be sent/received via the postal service. Additionally, delivery will depend on the sending library's stop day(s) and the receiving library's stop day(s). The more stops and the more libraries signed up the better the service will work!

How do I know what days each library has stops?
A delivery service schedule will be available on the GMLC.ORG website. Keep in mind that delivery at best will be the next day. For example, if Library A sends a package on Monday and Library B only has a stop on Monday they will not receive it until the next scheduled Monday stop at Library B. Packages will be picked up, sorted at the vendor facility and sent to the library on their next scheduled stop day.

What is included in the GMLC Member Welcome Package?
The welcome package is only for GMLC members and will contain 2 bins and 10 bags of varying sizes.

What size is each bin and where do I get them?
 The interior of each bin is 26 X 19 X 14". Bins are 4 cubic feet. GMLC members will get a welcome kit that contains 3 bins (1 bin will be sent directly to GMM) and a selection of delivery zipper bags. Additional bins and bags will be available to be purchased. The bins are $37 each. All bins and bags MUST be purchased from GMLC. These will be the only totes/bags accepted by the courier. Pick up will occur at MRL in Berlin.

How much will each bin hold?
How much a bin will hold is variable based on the size of items being placed in the bin and the number of bags. We estimate it will fit around 28 items in medium bags, but again, it depends on the sizes of the items and bags being used so your mileage may vary!

What size are the bags?
The bags will come in 3 sizes. The largest size is 14 X 18, mid size is 11 X 14 and the smallest size is 10 X12. Bags will be branded with delivery service wording and will be the only packaging that is to be used for sending items.

What happens if we will be closed on our normal delivery day?
It is up to the library to call the courier service to let them know they will be closed and make other arrangements as necessary. Contact information will be available when the pilot begins.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with a delivery?
In the event of an issue with a delivery the courier service should be called. There will be a GMLC Delivery Service liaison that can be notified in case of an ongoing issue. We want to be aware of any recurring problems.

Are there any cost breaks available for smaller libraries?
At this time there are not, as this is a pilot program, the price break is an equal division per library stop. This may change once the service is moved over to VTLIB.

Can other items that were mistakenly dropped off at out library be sent in the bins?
You are welcome to send whatever items you wish in the bins. Keep in mind that if this is offered as a service more bins or stops may be required.

Will this change the way Home/One Card works for ILL service?
There are no changes to the ILL system occurring with the delivery system, Home/One Card still works the same.

Does this change any VOKAL lending policies?
At this time the VOKAL system will not be changing. We do hope to enable patron placed holds across the system at some point in the future. When this is on the table to happen it will be discussed at a quarterly meeting.

Can libraries band together as one stop?
Libraries are welcome to join forces. Keep in mind that the discount applies per stop, not per library, and that the library that is the stop is responsible in regards to billing and all other matters. All bags will need to be labeled with the library stop and items in the bags then identified by whatever means works with the library for which they are intended.

What happens if something en route is lost or damaged?
We have every confidence that packages will be handled in a much gentler way than they are currently. However, the courier service is fully insured.

Are there any statistics we need to gather during the pilot?
As federal money is being used to fund the price break per stop there will be some information required. This information will be in place before the pilot begins. It will also be necessary to advertise ILL service at the library.

What happens if I run out of bags?
We will have an email group where people can send out an email help message for bags. Bags can also be purchased from GMLC and then picked up at MRL.

Can AV items be placed in cardboard boxes and then in a bag?
Yes, items may be packaged in whatever way necessary as long as the item is in a delivery bag.

Can donations for ILLs still be solicited?
As federal money is being used to help fund the project donations can not be solicited for ILLs.

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